Thursday, January 23, 2014

Melissa & Teddy || A Hillsborough Engagement

Sometimes, Michael and I like to play a game called, "What Did You Learn Today?" It's fun for us and good practice for when we have kids in the future. Normally, I don't have an answer, if only because I don't have the patience to spend as much time researching things on the internet as Michael does. After Teddy and Melissa's Sunday afternoon engagement session, though, I had a great answer: I learned that cows actually go, "Moo!" I typically think of "animal sounds" as representational, a simplification, rather than onomatopoetic. Dogs don't usually go, "Woof!", horses don't really say, "Neigh!"; but cows definitely, without a doubt, say, "Moo!" It's hard to deny this when you've got a face full of judgmental heifer nose because you're kneeling near a fence and the cows are really interested since, once you showed up, the food did, too.

Needless to say, I've not spent much time on farms.

Teddy works at Walker Farm in Hillsborough, which means he knows his way around the hills and cart trails and gets up close and personal with all the beasties on a regular basis. He and Melissa had a route planned out that took us all over the farm, through recently planted wheat fields and around antique farm equipment, all the way to a back pasture where half a dozen skittish calves stared down their moms and us. It was a warm day for January, but the wind was still cold, and the speed of the little Gator through the woods made it feel even sharper. Melissa and Teddy were troopers, though, and we captured some beautiful moments (both with and without cows) throughout the afternoon. I'm very much looking forward to their wedding in October. Until then, enjoy their images! More on Facebook.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

MKM Photography at the Forever Bridal Wedding Show 2014

At the beginning of January, Michael and I were very excited to have the opportunity to exhibit at an enormous wedding expo: Forever Bridal Productions' Wedding Show 2014. This was a true labor of love for us: I designed coffee-table-style books for use in our booth, we mounted eight--eight!--24" x 36" prints onto foamcore (that's almost 50 square feet of picture, for those of you keeping track at home), Michael created and ran a beautiful slideshow (the set-up for which included an emergency run to Staples because his gloriously enormous monitor was incompatible with my computer--aack!), I designed a (gorgeous, though I say it myself) pricing and info sheet and Michael got tons of copies printed, and I cut up unreasonable amounts of green tulle (Never. Again.), all of which is currently piled in a huge heap on the couch in my home office with no plans to move.

It was so worth it.

Three awesome couples decided to take advantage of our show special and book with us over the weekend (yay for Sara & Elliott, Nina & Jimmy, and Lauren & Graham!), one more booked us in at a consultation yesterday (Heather & Eric! Hooray!), and we have half a dozen more consultations coming up this month. You guys. You are all awesome. Every single bride, groom, mom, dad, maid- or matron-of-honor, friend, grandparent I talked to over the weekend made my labor of love feel so hugely worth it that I could cry. The girl planning a Dia de los Muertos themed wedding. The Navy couple with whom Michael empathized intimately. Three sweet gay lady couples whose happiness made my heart melt. The Scottish mother-of-the-groom. The enthusiastic friend of a bride who herself is not even engaged but practically wanted to book us on the spot for her eventual wedding in Africa. Proactive dudes gathering information while their ladies ogled wedding dresses in the fashion shows. The couple getting married on her parents' property; the couple getting married on their best friend's property. Anyone, everyone, who is happy to be getting married.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and connected with us for even a moment. We really had tons of fun at the show. (Having awesome neighbors in the lovely Gretchen of RedBird Events and Jason of Stylus S.E. certainly helped!) Now enjoy some images from our cute little booth! I like all you guys.

Our cutie-pie neighbors with their two-day-old ginger ale--I mean, champagne!  

Virginia & Kevin || An NC State Wedding in Raleigh

Kevin and Virginia had a sweet and intimate wedding ceremony in a private wedding garden; it was filled with laughter and emotion, and was deeply personal. The minister read out letters that Virginia and Kevin had written to each other, and aside from being full of jokes that showcased just how fun these two's marriage will be, the letters didn't leave a dry eye in the area. The wedding party was made up of fun and sweet folks who made us feel like we were part of the crowd, and Virginia and Kevin's custom playlist at the reception ensured that the party was hoppin' and everyone had tons of fun. Enjoy this selection of images from their sweet and beautiful wedding day! More on Facebook.

Ceremony Location: Kayelily's Wedding Garden
Portrait Location: NC State Campus, Court of Carolinas
Event Coordinators: C&D Events 
Cupcakes: Edible Art

Thought I'd include the following little gem as well, paired with one from Virginia and Kevin's engagement session. Their plan, as far as I understand it, is to make this an eventual triptych: one from the engagement session ("First comes love..."), one from their wedding ("...then comes marriage..."), and one from a future maternity session ("...then comes the baby in the baby carriage.") What a cute idea, right?